About Shauna Armitage

Shauna is the founder of Making Moxie and a CMO-for-hire. (Have you ever heard of such a thing?!)

All marketing aside, Shauna started her consultancy as a a matter of necessity when her "dream job" proved to be less than dreamy. She quickly realized that although she loved her work, she knew very little about being a business owner.... and figured many other women had similar issues.

Learning as she went along, Shauna discovered many things that she wished she had known when she started out, and as a result, became determined to support other women in their pursuit of creating businesses they loved.

It wasn't long before Making Moxie became more than just a marketing consultancy, but transformed into a community for women seeking the support, guidance, and community to help them on their own paths to success.

Making Moxie is an empowering personal statement for people who are ready to take charge, own their own uniqueness, and come forth to create something wonderful for themselves and for others. Shauna seeks to  guide women in claiming their power as leaders in business through stories and actionable advice from real, relatable women who have already been there.

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