Episode 7: Michelle Keinan - Being Bold & Saying Yes

On this episode, Shauna chats with Michelle Keinan, head of RADically Selfish and City Wellness Collective. They talk about freedoms, dreams, and realizing when you’ve got it all wrong. Plus, a little wisdom on what success looks like and how you can get it too.

Being Bold by Saying Yes

Michelle is always busy, but that’s the way she likes it. Her career has her focused on what she wants to do and resultantly, it lights her up. In the past, she had always done what she was told, stuck to the life her parents had shown her was the American way. But at around age 30 she had a shift, and she began to own what she wanted and began to say yes to those things.

Those things she said yes to? It’s led her to be a wellness multipreneur, with her own practice to helping others say yes through Radically Selfish, as well as in City Wellness Collective, that aims to empower healers in their lives and practices, and the work they are doing to better the world.

Discovering the American Dream

So how did she get there? It starts with her parents, of course, but not in the traditional sense.

Michelle’s parents were Russian Jewish refugees, fleeing persecution in the 70s. They came from a culture where you couldn’t own anything and had to live by certain rules, then were tossed into the American culture where you could live that dream with freedom.

As a result, Michelle is the first American born in her family, and was brought up with the idea that you could do anything. But this anything was restricted by what her parents thought success was. And this caused friction, but also shaped where she is now.

And by age 30, she had everything going according to this set plan. But she felt empty. The dream wasn’t hers, and it didn’t feel right for her. And this started a new path of exploration.

The Turning Point

She started doing yoga. Then the practice of stillness captivated her, and it began to become a priority. And she realized that she was working quickly to get to the things she loved: yoga, meeting people, spending time with friends. Essentially, she wanted to live life, and this job of hers was in the way.

During this time she explored her inner self, and realized that some key things were missing. Namely, learning and exploring feelings, and then the floodgates opened. The fantasy broke.

So she “hatched a master plan for herself.” Step one: save money (in a different savings account). Step two: Leave her job.

She had gotten to the point where she was just done.

Making a Life as a Healer

So she took the leap, and worked to become a healer. While many of us may only see the veneer that is someone to lean on, healers are entrepreneurs too: they have to market themselves, know finances, and truly run a business while supporting others.

This is where City Wellness Collective comes in. Michelle and her husband opened a place that supports healers and encourages a community vibe that allows healers to be people too. And took on all the risks involved with opening a physical location.

For her, it was so clear that she couldn’t not do it. “It was totally unstoppable.”

But it wasn’t as easy as wanting it. In reality, it took 9 months to find the space; there was always something that came up until the time was right. It took a lot of faith, but grounded Michelle’s resolve even more.

And this success that she found? “It’s a feeling where I can stop and enjoy all the things that I’ve worked so hard to create. Success for me means that everybody wins.”

Listen to Michelle spill all the details and more that we didn’t cover, below.