Episode 3: Meg Delagrange - A Lot of Bravery and a Little Common Sense

In episode three, Shauna interviews Meg and delves into art, marketing, entrepreneurship, and a lot of family history.

This podcast series works to explore women entrepreneurs on the search for success, freedom, and passion in business. Join us for highlights below, and be sure to listen to each episode for more details, stories, and tips!

Of Settlers & Rebels

Meg’s birth story is definitely unique. It starts with her mom milking a cow and ends with the help of an American midwife in an Amish household. She was named Anna Margaret. Over her childhood, her parents moved around, and assimilated into a Mennonite community which had her family interacting with the technology of the modern age.

At 19, Meg married a Mennonite boy. At 21, they both were excommunicated and thrust out into a world unknown. This meant no contact and not seeing a best friend on her wedding day. This meant getting accustomed to slang and misunderstandings. It meant knowing no one.

People just see me finding freedom. For me it was ultimately just a really dark time in my life because I had to walk away from everything I’d ever known and everyone I’d ever known.
— Meg Delagrange

Creativity as a Path

Meg’s education was different than a lot of peoples as well. Her mom, having been a school teacher for years, homeschooled her family. But in the culture she was brought up in, this only went up to 8th grade. By 14, she was homeschooling her younger siblings.

Conversely, when she was excommunicated, she was faced with everyone her age being in college. So she got her GED in a couple months and started courses at an online university, before switching to studying graphic design.

This ultimately led to Urban Southern, a lifestyle brand of leather goods started with her cousin (who, side note, also grew up Amish). Acting as the marketer and designer, she realized that what they had been doing wasn’t enough, and what they needed to do was to tell their story. So she went full in.

And it paid off.

Want to learn how Meg succeeds (and how she balances all her passions)? Listen below for more details and an in depth look into how Urban Southern went from average to head of the pack.