Episode 8: Kim Orlando - Creating Value by Pursuing Your 'Must Do'

Looking for a little more moxie this week? Kim Orlando joins the conversation today, and lets us in on what it’s like to be at the forefront of an industry shift, putting your all into something you believe in, and how being a mom inspired her along the way.

If you’re new to us, welcome! This podcast series works to explore women entrepreneurs on the search for success, freedom, and passion in business. Join us for highlights below, and be sure to listen to each episode for more details, stories, and tips, available at the bottom of the page!

From Must-See to Must-Do

Kim is the founder of Traveling Mom, a website for moms who love travel as much as their kids. But it starts before that when she owned a document management business for companies with a lot of paperwork (remember that?!) As the business grew, and her clients demanded more of her time, she spent more nights on the road than imagined which was hard, particularly with little ones at home.

So she started looking for help online, but as she continued in her career, she realized she wanted her kids to travel too. And there wasn’t a ton of information. Enter her “must do.”

I really thought that once I had a child I’d just strap them on and run out the door but I didn’t find it that way. I thought other moms might need a little help with that too.
— Kim

But at the start, there were a lot of obstacles. One, figuring out blogging, writing, and why she should really put herself into this space. She was traveling from CT to NJ. She had three small kids and an au pair. And she was feeling guilty. Sometimes from leaving, and sometimes from not having to be at home!

Yet she trudged forward, figuring out ads, and marketing, and the ways she needed to be able to monetize her business. She knew it was about good content, so she focused on that and learning from what people gravitated towards. But part of it was about being in the right place at the right time.

Plus, she dove in head first.

Celebrating the People Who Help You Along the Way

In her work she has surrounded herself with creative and talented people who have been key in helping her business grow. And while many have come into her path fortuitously, she’s also played the social game: “There have been people I’ve stalked because I’ve loved them” (...us too).  

But the best part? Her team.

“They are all busy, smart, women who are moms and want to be with their kids and use their brain. I feel privileged to get to work with them.”

Moms at Work

But it all comes back to being a mom, wanting to spend quality time with kids, and also doing things for yourself. Kim talks about mental roadblocks, how missing some events were ok but being there in the day to day was key, and more throughout the episode.

If you want to hear all these and more, including ups, downs, and working in closet-like spaces, press play below.