Episode 2: Shauna Armitage - Love, Loss, and Making Moxie

In this episode of Making Moxie, Meg digs into Shauna’s past experiences that led her to launch Making Moxie and where she’s taking it now.

This podcast series works to explore women entrepreneurs on the search for success, freedom, and passion in business. Join us for highlights below, and be sure to listen to each episode for more details, stories, and tips!

Growth and Grit

Like many, Shauna went to school for one thing, but realized too late that it wasn’t the best fit. While her personal life was expanding - she met an amazing man (listen for their love story!) and had a child - she was at a loss for what to do in her professional career.

She decided to go back to school and get a second degree in Professional Writing, all while waiting tables and raising her son. When her husband joined the air force, she moved back in with her mom, continuing to work in restaurants to provide for her family even after two degrees. She was at a low place where she didn’t know if she had what it took to make a go at it professionally.

At this point, Shauna had 2 degrees and glowing reviews from jobs she was in. But when she was going for something in her field she couldn’t get an interview let alone an entry level position. She wasn’t sure what to do.

I’m not sure there is a day in my career where things went the way I wanted them to go. 
— Shauna Armitage

A family member, seeing her struggle, suggested being a virtual assistant. A novel concept that she had never thought of, Shauna realized that with her husband taking a military job and the possibility of their family moving around often, it could be a good fit.

She submitted resumes for months, working to get that first job. But once she did, they built upon each other; one job becoming two, that leading to the next, and time between began being filled up with writing gigs. For Shauna, it was listening to advice and mentorship from someone else, then really committing to it that really made her professional life start to get on track.

But the biggest shift came when Shauna and her family were tested with the hardest of choices and biggest burdens to bear: the loss of a child. Only Shauna can tell this story, so listen to this episode as she shares this moment with us and how it reframed her state of mind.

From Number 2 to Entrepreneur

As her work life moved forward, Shauna gained experience and skills, aiding businesses with marketing and other tasks. This would have continued if not for a certain job.

Last year, Shauna’s friend hired her for a role helping with his company. But what started as working out really well ended up changing as the company’s goals shifted. Long story short, her friend fired her!

But this moment made Shauna realize she was never working for herself, that she was always  number two. But it also made her realize she had all the skills to do the jobs for herself.

A lot of purpose is built from pain and struggle.
— Meg Delagrange

Without failures such as this, Shauna wouldn’t have realized she really good at certains things, or that she needed to pivot to other paths. Combined with key successes that built confidence in herself, they have allowed her to be agile in her business approach.

Listen to the show for the rest, as Shauna gets into some of her big wins, her approach to marketing, and how her focus on community drives her business and Making Moxie.