Episode 1: Shauna & Meg Introduce Making Moxie

Welcome to the first episode! This episode is an introduction to the show and your hosts Shauna Armitage, Founder of Making Moxie, and Meg Delagrange, Marketing Director at Urban Southern. This podcast series works to explore women entrepreneurs on the search for success, freedom, and passion in business. Join us for highlights below, and be sure to listen to each episode for more details, stories, and tips!

Get to Know Your Hosts

Shauna’s journey saw her start as a marketing consultant, working with business owners to craft messaging that spoke to wider audiences. However this focus took a turn when she started to connect with female entrepreneurs who had passions that they didn’t know how to follow. She’s since moved more towards supporting women entrepreneurs and away from just marketing consulting, making the big pivot to something she’s passionate about.

I’ve had people say to me, ‘how did you get so lucky?’... not a bit of it was luck, it was a lot of hard work.
— Meg Delagrange


Meg knows that a lot of people can create inspiration, but she has had a hard time finding actionable advice from other entrepreneurs. In her search for success, she’s had ups and down and put in a lot of hard work along the way. She’s looking to be more courageous as she faces forward in her own career, following her passions and learning along the way.

How do you ‘Make Moxie’?

Making Moxie is an empowering personal statement that looks and feels different for every woman.

Moxie came from a search for Shauna’s business’ name. Noticing that business and success looks different for each person, Shauna started with “crave” that to her covered many of the feelings she had: a crave for ambition, for success, for connection. Yet when talking with a friend, she noticed that it reminded her of food. So she went to Thesaurus.com and came across moxie, meaning determination, grit, courage.

Moxie in Business

What Shauna and Meg have found is that there is a disconnect between large business owners and small ones. Workshops, gurus, and talks aren’t catered to specific audiences, instead attacking problems as influencers, who often have huge budgets, would. But most small businesses don’t have that kind of capital!

This is the gap Shauna wanted to fill in the context of their own business, and that this podcast will explore. With the help of Meg, with her plethora of stories, experience, and insights, the duo will be sure to add a little moxie to your day by bringing a range of business leaders to the table who have had success even if they haven’t been on the cover of magazines.  

The stuff that happens in your personal life affects the direction that you take in business.
— Shauna Armitage