Episode 4: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe - The Beauty of Sharing Your Story Authentically

In this episode of Making Moxie, Meg and Shauna discuss what is going on in the world of business, and why this podcast exists.

This podcast series works to explore women entrepreneurs on the search for success, freedom, and passion in business. Join us for highlights below, and be sure to listen to each episode for more details, stories, and tips!

Why a Podcast?

This podcast is about empowering women, and given real, relatable advice. While both hosts are marketers, this is not a show about that. But why not?

If I’m not doing something unique, I’m not doing something valuable, so why do it at all?
— Shauna Armitage

For Shauna, being a marketer was never her intention; she fell into it like one falls in love. But let’s be real - there are so many podcasts about marketing.

For Meg, a designer and marketer, while she loves her work, she doesn’t like talking about how she does it. Not because it isn’t interesting or important, but because someone can take all of the amazing courses that are readily available online.

Where their passions combine is in the small business aspects of their lives. As something they are fully invested in, they’re recognizing that these stories don’t get enough space.

Building Community through Stories

We’re all familiar with the power of social media, yet the most interesting aspect of these are the ways you can connect with other people and tell stories through the platforms. Meg and Shauna discuss their first forays into the realm (hello LiveJournal!) and discuss how raw, personal stories translate no matter the medium.

Why is that? Because stories go so much farther than personal style - we can create change, give hope, advocate for what is right all through stories. So by harnessing this power, and sharing our stories, small brands and individuals can really focus on authenticity -- which is what people are looking for!

Need examples? Shauna loves following @the1stofApril while Meg swears by @hilaryrushford.

So Shauna challenges you: “what are you doing to challenge others through your social media?”

How are you building community with your brand? Let us know!