Episode 9: Krystal Covington - Making Opportunities for Authentic Connection

Krystal Covington, MBA is an entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in communications, but has also worked in diverse areas including grocery, finance, real estate, retail, and tech. Krystal is also CEO and founder of Women of Denver, a group focused on building women’s skills and establishing their worth in business. She joins us this week on the Making Moxie Podcast to dish about trusting your partner, being your own superhero, and building community through authentic conversations.

Finding Your Passion Through Trial and Error

Krystal started out her career by majoring in psychology during undergrad, where she wanted to explore how to help people through listening, being sensitive, and showing care. She did this because she thought to focus on people, she needed to be a social worker or psychologist. She volunteered, spent all her time in this world, and really thought this was her path. But she couldn’t help feeling it all, even when reading case files.

Fast forward to her graduation and she was burned out, having worked three jobs while completing her degree. She took a job in marketing and realized this was a skill she had, but people weren’t taking her seriously. So she went to pursue her MBA.

Trusting Your Partner from Michigan to Denver

But that MBA? It doesn’t come for free. So when Krystal and her husband saw student loan repayments down river, they decided maybe the place they were at wasn’t necessarily valuing their education and experiences.

So when a happenstance work trip took her husband to Denver, and he wouldn’t stop talking about it, they narrowed in on that market. But because her husband’s position was more marketable, she followed his lead. “It required a new level of trust … in saying this is definitely something that makes sense for us to do.”

With some luck and little moxie, both Krystal and her husband found jobs within quick timeframes and the help of a new community. Krystal doesn’t hesitate when she says “we knew that this was home.”

Building Community through Conversation

Introverts might be the best networkers, because we know what creates real connection.
— Krystal Covington

Yet while getting jobs were quickly checked off, Krystal and her husband didn’t have a family or a community in her new home, and she was building a friend group slowly. While should would normally hop into volunteering, she didn’t feel grounded in the community yet to do so. So she focused on authentic connection, and started with 5 women around a coffee table chatting about business, roadblocks, and other learnings.

This small group of women at a coffee shop? This became Women of Denver, a group that focuses on real relationships and real conversations that go beyond ‘what do you do?’

Want to hear more about Women of Denver, as well as how to be your own superhero? Listen up on this week’s episode!