Episode 6: Janice Resendez - On Parenthood and Compassion for Self

Welcome back to the Making Moxie podcast! On this episode we have Janice Resendez, an amazing business owner, teacher, author, and to add even more, she is also a mother of seven! She chats with Meg about the struggles with being a parent, the strategies she uses in her own life, and how everyone has a bit of entrepreneur in them.

Introducing Janice

Janice owns Transparentcy Consulting, a business which helps parents understand that they need to be empathetic with themselves, and realize that they are practicing parenting continuously. Through this business, Resendez and her partner, who have been married 25 years, help lead groups in realizing and actualizing their self worth and power.

Fun fact? Janice and her partner met when they were 13 (!!) after she moved to be with her father in Colorado. They started dating on the down low, but when her father found out he shipped her back to California. When she finished high school at 18, she moved back and started the relationship up again. Janice and her partner then they got married a couple years after she got back, and now has this amazing family.

The Difficulty and Joy in Raising Kids Today

And this family is truly amazing. As Meg describes, each of Janice’s kid is astutely self aware. But how does one raise kids who are self confident, determined, and know what they truly need?

“Number one: become aware of the things you are saying to yourself...are they self compassionate?”
— Janice

Meg and Janice dive into it, exploring the idea that there really are no easy answers. Janice explains that sometimes, we don’t view our kids as individual human beings. Others can sometimes be the recipients of more empathy, and so Janice and her team work to bring that perspective to light. Janice leads Meg through a hypothetical scenario, which you’ll have to listen to in order to hear about how Janice leads parents through challenging times.

But a key take away? There is no “arrival”; parenting is a continuous process that is always evolving, no matter if you’ve been a parent for a day or 20 years.

The Practice of Parenthood

But how do you manage work-life balance? Moms can be so hard on themselves! It’s so important to destigmatize working, and eliminate the shame that we can place on ourselves.

As for finding the balance, it’s about being self compassionate and being self disciplined. This can be anything from instituting dedicated work times to maybe even less sleep. But what’s important to remember is that what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone else.

As Janice states: “Balance is going to look differently for each person”

And this extends to every aspect of childrearing. It can be making older children pay rent, or not! Instilling certain practices you want to impart on your child can be executed through these interactions, and its by understanding wanting to set children up for success that we can all relate.

The Path of Entrepreneurship

But why entrepreneurship?

In short: Janice had to “unleash the beast.” She had no idea her life was being set up to be an entrepreneur, but friends kept pointing out key aspects that were leading up to it. Her process was based on key life goals she and her partner established early on: they didn’t want to ever have debt, the want to be a stay at home mom.

These goals led to showcasing certain skills that ultimately led to entrepreneurship. And she realizes that many people have these skills too.

Want to learn more? Listen to the whole podcast below, and then connect with Janice at transparentcyconsulting.com.