Episode 13: Misti Graham - Finding Inspiration Within Yourself

Welcome back Moxie Squad! Misti Graham, CEO of InspHERation, joins us on this week’s Making Moxie podcast to talk about a range of things, from coming out to finding your ‘Her’ to the little universal connections that unite us all.

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The Makings of a Moxie Life

The things that give us moxie are not always apparent. They are simple things like a teacher telling us we can be whoever we want to be, or they are deeply personal, like the death in the family.

“I’ve always found it within myself, to pick myself up, inspire myself, motivate myself, and empower myself to keep going.”
— Misti Graham

For Misti, she was inspired by her teachers and wanted to teach history like those who had inspired her. With a basketball scholarship in hand, she went to fulfill that dream, only to be derailed by the death of her father. This curveball led her to becoming “a husband overnight,” helping her mother get through this trying time.

Fast forward (just a few) years, and Misti decided to pursue the university degree she hadn’t finished at age 40. Within three years, she had a degree in Marketing and Media. Talk about a moxie mindset.

Finding Inspiration Within Yourself

At another point, Misti found herself at the pinnacle of her career. A job offer as CMO for a motorcycle company in Chicago meant more hours, a bigger paycheck, and a new city. After moving and setting up a new life, her partner came to visit ahead of moving there with her. When she left that weekend, Misti never saw her again.

Heartbreak, pressure, and holidays led to some crying, but also the realization that over the course of her life, she had picked herself up and motivated herself to keep going. So that’s what she did. Enter InspHERation, a women’s lifestyle brand that celebrates the HER residing within each of us.

Intrigued? Listen to Misti give more details to her moxie life, and how InspHERation is giving power to women’s stories below.