Episode 12: Liz Theresa - Have the Ovaries to Follow Through

There’s this thing about working online. It means the people you meet, work with, and pitch to are all, well, virtual. Shauna met Liz Theresa, our guest this week, coincidentally while on Liz’s podcast. So it only made sense to bring her onto the Making Moxie one. A Boston native, Liz is passionate about helping small businesses and yes, the Red Sox. Enjoy this one, because we did, and accidental friends makes for good podcast episodes, right?

From Following the Lead to Taking the Reins

When Liz was starting out, she was majoring in theatre and English. After getting her grad degree in English as well, she went looking for a job at a time when social media was new, but jobs were few and far between.

After a job interviewer told her she was too creative and would hate the role, she called her mom. And her mom asked her ‘what do you want to do?’ When Liz responded with help people market their business online, her mom said: ‘so just do it; why do you need permission to do that?’

So she did.

She leveraged the insurance sales job she had while in grad school to meet clients, put herself out there, and tell them what she did, to get her business moving.

Owning Your Failures

While she’s moved her business far from the early days, Liz, like many of us, has had a hard time delegating. “I take on way more than I should. All the time.”

And while it can be scary to let go, particularly as you’re growing your business, the opposite can be just as bad. “Your time gets throttled and you get overwhelmed and burnt out and it’s really, oh it’s awful.”

Another thing? Taking on clients that aren’t the right fit. While you’re growing your business, you may want to take on anyone you can, but this isn’t always a good idea. That feeling in the pit of your stomach when you talk to someone for the first time? Trust it.

These moments, they become learning experiences, and helped Liz and her business grow.

But some advice for the moxiest of us? “Have the ovaries to follow through. Don’t be afraid to be different, to own your voice, to make some noise, and ask for the things you want in your life.”

Hear about so much more from Liz on this week’s podcast, streaming below and on your podcasting app of choice.