Episode 10: Brianne Huntsman - Broadcasting Yourself All Over the Internet

Today, for our tenth episode, Brianne Huntsman of The Huntswoman joins us to chat about personal branding, the gig economy, plus sized fashion, and why saying no opens up more opportunities. 

Meet The Huntswoman

What do you say when you’re asked what you do? For most it’s a quick one liner pitch. For Brianne, she has to evaluate.

Brianne Huntsman is literally a jane of all trades. With a degree from Stanford in Product Design Engineering, she is also a social media marketer, fashion designer, advocate, and coach. She’s self made and runs all of these different aspects of her life through her brand, The Huntswoman.

On Personal Brands

When someone says personal brand, what are you doing? Are you grimacing?

Brianne lays it out for us, saying it’s more than the stereotypical PR girl: “It’s knowing who you are and effectively communicating it.”

And it’s also more than the visual; it’s language, tone, and conversation. For Brianne, that’s also about knowing who she is. She wants to be learning, butting heads, and asking questions in the industries that she cares about. Respectfully, of course.

A tip for those looking to create one themselves? First, find people who have a strong personal brand and effectively communicating that. Then ask yourself: what are they doing? Are they writing think pieces? Are they going on twitter thread parties? What methods of delivery are they using? (There are more tips in the podcast, so be sure to listen up!)

Broadcasting Yourself All Over the Internet

You need to do a good job utilizing your personal media channels to share what you’re up to.”
— Brianne

In the gig economy, communicating what you do is key. For Brianne, who wears many hats, it’s essential to be clear about the themes of her work, whether that’s blogging, fashion, or otherwise.

And when you’re on social, she notes it’s key to connect your posts back to those themes. “Everyone probably knows like 12 copywriters. You need to do a good job utilizing your personal media channels to share what you’re up to.”

And this means personal profiles, like your facebook. “If you don’t want to utilize your personal social media platforms, what you’re actually saying is that ‘I don’t want to get paid.’” Because using your personal network means connecting with your first string of supporters. And those supporters are going to be key in helping you grow your business, whether through references or sharing your posts.

Finding Your Voice in Fashion

As Brianne works to launch her first luxury fashion line, we want to know: why fashion?

Her interests stem in the ideas that fashion is an artistic expression, but also is fascinated by the marketing side of it. As a plus sized person, she has seen interesting and poor marketing and business decisions from companies who are trying to market to the plus sized customer. And she’s working to change that facade.

Brianne notes that this is why influencer marketing has taken off, because so far ad campaigns typically only include women of a certain size. “When people of other sizes started to create content all of a sudden stores were like, ‘oh, those people move a lot more product than our paid editorial shoots.’”

This can be seen across the US, but brought up specifically by Shauna in the interview. As a mom and woman hitting 30, her body has changed a lot. And shopping to fit bathing suits when one needs to be plus sized and the other straight, is a strange paradox. But it’s when she finally accepted wanting to dress for herself and her identity that she really became attuned to the value of fashion. And that’s the best part.

Right now, you can see Brianne working with Corissa of Fat Girl Flow on So You Wanna Blog, creating classes, as well as launching her new website, which includes opportunities for her to coach creatives! Make sure to check it out here.

Photo of Brianne by McKay Findlay.