Here at Making Moxie, we have two big things going on: We act as a marketing department for startups and we also guide female entrepreneurs in their business journeys. Here is what you should know about what drives us:



Mission: We empower + inspire female entrepreneurs; create opportunities for personal + professional growth; cultivate a strong network of professional women.

Vision: We will become a leading networking of female entrepreneurs by creating a safe space for women to engage, learn, and uplift one another.

Mission: We help companies grow through strong relationships and creative solutions.

Vision: Making Moxie will become the go-to company for startups looking to kickstart their growth because of our effective solutions, strong relationships, and unparalleled integrity.

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Our values are the guidelines we use to guide our actions and interactions in business. They include:

  • Leadership: the moxie to inspire by example

  • Quality: always providing variety and excellence

  • Collaboration: working with high-quality partners and encouraging others to do the same

  • Integrity: be real, be honest, and be respectful

  • Education: sharing knowledge and learning from others

  • Empowerment: growing with strength and confidence

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