When Making Moxie was first born, I was doing weekly challenges to keep our squad members on their toes. It was fun and engaging, but after a few weeks, everyone was like YO, WE’VE GOT BUSINESSES TO RUN.

So while the challenges can be helpful, they’ve got to speak to what you need in your business right now. You spoke, and WE answered with the 30-day social media post and engagement challenge for entrepreneurs.

Making Moxie guides female business owners with advice, guidance, and community while the Mindbosa app supports all people in creating strong, consistent habits—all while saving money! Because lots of entrepreneurs want to be using social media for their business, but have no clue what to post, we’re teaming up in the month of June to help you out.

We’ve designed a simple prompt for every day in the month of June, designed to help you connect with and engage with your target audience. These posts will work nicely on any social media platform, although you might have to get really creative to beat the character limit on Twitter. If you’re using Instagram, don’t forget your hashtags!

Use them on one network, use them on all of them. The point is this: You’ve got to stop using social media as a bulletin board for your business and start using it to engage on a deeper level.

Use #iammakingmoxie and #mindbosa so we can see your progress. Be sure to Sign Up for the FREE Mindbosa app to start saving and join us in The Moxie Squad to be inspired by other challenge members are posting, for accountability, or to get some support from other women challenging themselves in life and in business.

Choose a dollar amount to put in the bank for every time you post an engaging piece of content on your platforms, and on July 1, you’ll have a small marketing budget to put towards running some ads for your business! As little as $1 a day will help you get ahead in your marketing efforts. (Stay tuned, because in July, The Moxie Squad will focus on helping you with your advertising!)

Are you ready? Let’s do this…..