Starting out with a fresh new degree at the age of 21, Shauna Armitage experienced what many millennials faced in the early 2010s…. a great education without any job prospects. She and her fiance also found they were pregnant, so she soon turned to freelancing to make some money to support her little family.

Over time, she did more and more work in marketing and found that it was truly her zone of genius.

Shauna Armitage’s journey as an entrepreneur began after being FIRED from her friend’s digital marketing agency for acting as an advocate for clients and staff. She knew there was a better way to do business—a way with integrity, balance, and care for others instead of only care for the bottom line.

That’s when Making Moxie was born.

Instead of doing agency work that tries to fit all companies into a predetermined blueprint, Shauna decided to create custom marketing plans that are catered to a company’s unique vision and goals. That’s when she became a growth consultant for startups and small businesses, often times working as their CMO.

As a vocal advocate for women in business, there had to be more than just marketing. Shauna is on a mission to redefine what it looks like to be a working woman, a mission that led to the founding of Making Moxie as an online publication and community for female entrepreneurs…. and that’s what you’ll read about here on the Making Moxie website—working women, female empowerment, and tips for making your business a success.

Now Shauna is the mother of four children, has been married to that guy for more than ten years, and runs a successful marketing consultancy. She keeps traveling as much as work and motherhood will allow her, and she takes great joy in exploring the world with her brood. It’s not usual to find her in a McDonald’s chowing down on french fries and free WIFI during the day and drinking a glass of red wine at her computer after the kids are in bed at night.

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