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What's the best part of business for you? Is it the freedom to follow your dreams? To be your own boss? To have a hand in everything? 

We love these stories of what drives women to strike out on their own. Any time we had a question about business (as in actual, small businesses) we only got answers fit for giant corporations or six-figure earners rather than people who looked like us.

And so.... The Making Moxie Podcast works to explore women entrepreneurs on the search for success, freedom, and passion in business.

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We don't sugar coat it. We don't hide the failures or the bruises. We keep it very real as we explore all the ways in which building a business coincides with building a life well lived. And so we explore the triumphs, answer common questions, and share stories from women leaders from fields all over.

So if you're on the search for a little moxie, join us and leave a review on....