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How the Digital Marketing Craze is Hurting Small Brands

When it comes to digital marketing, there are a million success stories out there from business of all sizes. This gives business owners who are new to digital marketing the impression that digital marketing is something they need if they want to grow their business.

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Branding and Marketing: Independent or Interdependent for Business Success?

As a marketing professional in the trenches of this world every day, I often hear conversations that blur the two words together and it got me thinking, why do I hear this so often and why is it important to differentiate branding from marketing and how do they interconnect?

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Please, Please Put the Human Element Back into Your Marketing

Epic marketing is done when you step away from the content, the strategy, the posting, the accounting, the paycheck. It happens when you start to think in terms of the people you serve and in terms of what you can do every single day to bring them value—or simply a smile.

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This Is Why I Stopped Optimizing My Articles (And Why You Can Too)

I stopped doing SEO for my articles because, frankly, it didn’t make a difference. My time is much better spent writing about what my clients want and need—not researching keywords that might possibly by related to what they’re searching for. Maybe.

When you create a community and build your list instead of waiting around for Google to send people your way, that gets you revenue.

Now. Like right now.

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5 Steps to Taking Back the Power of Approval and Accomplishing Your Dreams

The problem with this need to activate that reward center is it causes us to work overtime trying to evade adverse judgment from others and paralyzing our ability to take action, try new things or open up. We are so afraid of what others might think about what we do, that we don’t do anything at all.

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