Why Moms Make THE BEST Entrepreneurs

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Being a mama ain’t easy. Being an entrepreneur is no cake walk either. The fact is that parenthood shapes us in ways we don’t even realize, and many of the traits we acquire caring for our families prepare us to be kick-ass business owners.

Not convinced? Let me break it down.

We’ve got to be creative

Any mom knows that there are many solutions to every problem. For example, 2 + 2 can equal blue, zebra, or “I WANT MILK!” It really just depends how close you are to naptime. The key to making it through to the end of each day is getting creative in your approach.

This is an essential skill for any entrepreneur or woman in business. When a new project comes across your desk or a client seems stuck, you’ve got to tackle the problem with a fresh perspective and a willingness to try things that don’t necessarily feel like the “right” way. Because really, is there any right way to do things in business? Not really. There’s what works for you and what enables a positive outcome. (Hopefully these are one in the same.)

So get creative with your business ideas, the way you handle roadblocks, and your growth initiatives. If anyone can do it, mama, it’s you.

We’re naturally managers of people

We all know how damaging it can be when you simply want candy for breakfast on a Tuesday morning and the big people in charge won’t yield to your demands. Amirite?

Working side by side with the tiny humans every day is fraught with drama and emotional turmoil. And if we’re being completely honest, working with the fully grown humans is typically not all that different. We all have different learning styles, work styles, communication styles—and desires. All of these things play a role in how we interact with our peers in a work environment, which means that most days are full of managing both projects and emotions.

No one is better equipped to deal with this kind of thing than a mother. After successfully convincing a toddler carrot sticks were the best treat of the day, they really did want to take a bath, and that they did, in fact, want the available blue cup instead of the green one their sister was holding, a mom’s storytelling and negotiation skills are on point.

Honestly, if you can get an overtired toddler to go to bed, you can do anything.

We’re on top of our shit…. And yours

Feed, water, and dressing three kids is no joke. Then we’ve got to worry about activities, playdates, helping with homework, and then it’s time to feed, water, and dress them all over again. It takes a little bit of organization and a lot of energy to keep the train on its tracks, but that’s what moms do best.

Furthermore, moms need to be strong. Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face when a toddler says something completely inappropriate and ridiculously funny? Do you know how hard it is to hold your ground with an 8-year-old who is rapidly overcoming you in both height and intelligence? Moms. Are. Badasses.

Now I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’m not saying that we all just naturally have it together all the time, but we’re adaptable and we figure things out. As mamas, we work hard to find that flow, and once we’ve found it, we’re unstoppable. That same drive and strength is essential for building and growing a business.

We’re always learning

Just when you think you’ve figured out parenthood something crazy happens, like you have another kid with a completely different personality or your oldest keeps getting older and runs into problems you never knew existed.

Parenthood isn’t just something we do, it’s something we experience, and every new experience shapes us. We get new knowledge; then we grow.

The same can—and should!—be said for entrepreneurs. If you think you know best, you’re wrong.