A Day In The Life Of A Work At Home Mom

Finding a job was hard, so I decided to freelance instead. Money was never great, but I still got to contribute to our family’s finances. Plus, no need to put the little ones in daycare; I can work while they nap!

What a joke.

We like to talk about how tough life is for stay-at-home-moms and for the moms that go out into the world to do their jobs, but where’s the love for us moms who work at home? #WAHM. (It’s a thing.)

Now that I’m blogging and working, the struggle is even more real, and the mom guilt is palatable. (If one more Facebook meme tells me to put down my phone and focus on the kids, I’ll scream). This is what my average weekday looks like.

5:30am – Get angry because hubby’s alarm is going off.

6:00 – My alarm goes off. Wake up. Lay back down.

6:45 – Look at the clock and have that “oh shit” moment when I realize I have 15 minutes to get two young kids dressed, cleaned, fed, and pack a lunch or we’ll miss the bus and I’ll miss my first meeting of the morning because I have to drive the 6-year-old across town to school.

6:53 – Threaten the 6-year-old’s life if he doesn’t put on his socks faster. Change angry, sleepy baby’s diaper.

6:59 – Throw a dry bagel at said 6-year-old to eat on the car ride to the bus stop.

7:15 – Bus is late. Listen to baby cry because she doesn’t want to be in the car seat.

7:20 – Get home. Put baby in highchair with Cheerios next to my desk. Check email.

7:25 – Baby is screaming because she fed her Cheerios to the dogs and now she doesn’t have any. Set her up with toys on the floor.

7:30 – Have client call. Get distracted because baby is being adorable.

8:00 – Start writing client content. Wish I had a more comfortable chair.

8:15 – Baby is trying to climb up my leg. Save article and play on the floor. (There are a bazillion toys, but she wants to pull all the wires out from beneath my computer.)

8:30 – Turn on Doc McStuffins. Get really into the plot line and forget to finish writing article.

8:45 – After 15 minutes of screaming because I won’t allow her to wrap the headphones around her neck, I make a bottle and put her down for a nap.

8:45 to 11:00 – Work like crazy. Wish I made more money.

11:00 – Baby is crying. Change her and cut up some fruit for a snack. Remember I haven’t eaten yet today. Grab a bagel.

11:30 – Fold laundry and vacuum stuff while baby makes a break for the stairs.

12:00pm – Throw the kiddo in the stroller and head to the park. Take a call from a client on the way.

1:00 – Pull the angry baby from the swing and deposit her back into the stroller. Check email on phone on the walk home. WHY ARE THERE SO MANY EMAILS?

1:30 – Give baby lunch and put her down for a nap. Grab a chocolate bar and get back to work.

3:00 – Start prepping dinner while conducting client calls. No one can tell that I’m cutting up red peppers, but if the headset falls while slicing the raw chicken I’m screwed.

3:45 – Wake up baby. She’s not happy and the whole bed is covered in pee.

4:00 – Drive to the bus stop. Get yelled at by bus driver because I was only 10 minutes early, and she had to wait 5 minutes for me to show up.

4:15 – Check emails while 6-year-old does homework. Feel guilty about it.

4:45 – Start cooking dinner. Try to explain to the web developer over Skype that I can’t look at mockups right now because it’s family time and I’m trying to prevent the baby from climbing into the trash can.

5:00 – Eat dinner. Or at least watch the kids eat dinner while I run around for a fork, a cup of water, a second helping of chicken, clean up spilled water, refill cup of water, and cut up chicken into tinier bites. Feel bad about myself because my 6-year-old wants “Daddy’s food” instead of mine.

5:50 – Follow up dinner by tossing the baby in the sink because she insisted on feeding herself and there’s just no simple way to clean her.

5:30 – 6-year-old asks to watch a show. YES. Please go watch television.

5:45 – Ask myself why the baby is so cranky. She hasn’t been awake more than two hours yet.

6:30 – Can’t keep the baby calm anymore. Put on new sheets. Put her to bed. Tell 6-year-old to take a shower. Explain to him that just because he showered yesterday doesn’t mean he is exempt from showering today. Remind him 5 times that washing his hair is part of bathing. Every. Single. Time.

7:00 – Start cleaning up from dinner. Put leftovers in the fridge for hubby. He’ll never take them to work and I’ll end up throwing them away next week. Save them anyway.

7:15 – 6-year-old picks out the longest, most annoying book he owns. We read it together. So proud of how well he reads.

7:45 – Pour a glass of wine. Send hubby a message on Facebook to say hi. Go back to work.

10:00 – Secretly take a break to watch the latest episode of The Mindy Project. Go back to work.

11:30 – Hubby is home! Cuddle up on the couch and turn on Netflix. Immediately pass out.

2:30am – Wake up on the couch next to hubby. Let the dogs out. Go upstairs to bed.

And…. repeat.