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What You Wear As a Female Entrepreneur Matters and Here's Why

The general idea of what a “professional” looks like has changed dramatically over the past few years. Gone are the days of power suits and other expensive clothing that you “needed” to show the world that you were serious about business. However, the hard truth is that women are still held to different standards than men in the workplace. They’re far more likely to be taken seriously if they’re dressed to play the part.

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New Year, New Me: A Reflection Not A Resolution

Dear 2018, What a beautiful conundrum you’ve been.  In your presence, I have failed in so many ways – as a mother, as a marketer, as a wife, and as a friend.  As I reflect on these failures, I do so with the understanding that these failures, though painful to admit and even harder to overcome, will serve as the foundation for my 2019.  I have learned, I have grown, and I have absolutely no regrets. For that, I am thankful.

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5 Steps to Taking Back the Power of Approval and Accomplishing Your Dreams

The problem with this need to activate that reward center is it causes us to work overtime trying to evade adverse judgment from others and paralyzing our ability to take action, try new things or open up. We are so afraid of what others might think about what we do, that we don’t do anything at all.

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