Please, Please Put the Human Element Back into Your Marketing

Epic marketing is done when you step away from the content, the strategy, the posting, the accounting, the paycheck. It happens when you start to think in terms of the people you serve and in terms of what you can do every single day to bring them value—or simply a smile.

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This Is Why I Stopped Optimizing My Articles (And Why You Can Too)

I stopped doing SEO for my articles because, frankly, it didn’t make a difference. My time is much better spent writing about what my clients want and need—not researching keywords that might possibly by related to what they’re searching for. Maybe.

When you create a community and build your list instead of waiting around for Google to send people your way, that gets you revenue.

Now. Like right now.

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Do you ask for what you deserve?

So let’s be radical. Trust yourself and go with your gut, particularly when others are looking.

By not asking for what you deserve, you’re limiting your potential, and we know you have a ton of it. There is no need to feel guilty about it: you deserve the same amount of respect that you give others.

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